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Andrea O’ Connor-Hall

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Automobile Accident Attorney

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Should you get a lawyer for your car accident case? There are personal injury car accident claims where you do not need a lawyer. Mostly, we are talking about non-injury and minor injury cases involving subjective injuries that resolve within a few months, and other claims where the injuries are not substantial. Certainly, no injury cases are ripe for handling without an attorney.

These claims may, in some instances, be handled without a lawyer. Why?  Because you want to save on attorneys’ fees.  Our law firm charges a 33% contingency fee if you case settles before trial. Our attorneys’ fees increase to 40% if our lawyers file a lawsuit.  In a serious injury case,  we might get you more than ten times the money you would get for yourself.  But in a smaller case?  Handling your own injury claim without a lawyer is something worth at least exploring.  But if you choose this path, you need to do research and get some advice on the best way to get the highest possible settlement for the pain and suffering your have endured from the accident.  You deserve that. 

First, a word of caution. Severe injury and death car crash cases are completely another matter. Hiring a good car accident lawyer with a track record of success will almost invariably put more money in your pocket than you would handle the case yourself.  This cannot be emphasized enough. 

Why are we teaching people how to win without hiring our lawyers?  We put this section on our website because we know accident victims are going to try to handle their own cases. We provide here some food for thought (not legal advice) on how to settle with the insurance company after a car crash for those of you making that effort to try to resolve the case yourself. Insurance companies are ripping off millions of people who do not even know the insurance company took advantage of them. Don’t let this happen to you.

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